Walt Disney World's Mermaid Doughnut Is the Latest Instagram Obsession

Published 08-14-2018

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Disney is at it again with the Instagram-worthy snacks. After the massive success of its iridescent sweets and mermaid-inspired cupcakes, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will debut a new picture-perfect treat in the coming weeks: a pretty purple doughnut inspired by Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."Not only is the Mermaid Doughnut beautiful - with purple icing, a white chocolate mermaid tail and trinkets from Ariel's treasure chest - it's also totally scrumptious. The handmade yeast doughnut is wonderfully airy, and the dark purple sprinkles add the perfect texture and photographable contrast.So where can you find this Instagram-ready doughnut? At one of Magic Kingdom's hidden snack-stand gems: Prince Eric's Village Market in Fantasyland. The unmarked quick-service location is conveniently located right across from Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid. So not only can you eat a "Little Mermaid"-inspired treat, you can get the ideal themed photo with it by the ride (before you take a big bite, of course) for your timeline.The Mermaid Doughnut isn't out quite yet, but it is expected to make a splash into the Magic Kingdom in the coming weeks. And who knows? If it becomes a fan favorite, it might just become one of the most iconic snacks at Disney.

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