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With its glittering bay, beautiful beaches and scenic views, Long Beach is the perfect place to spend some time on the water. From a romantic gondola ride to a day trip to the beach or a night trip to the city centre, it offers activities for everyone on the water.

The dirtbags have consistently ranked in the national top 35 and have featured in 17 of the last 20 NCAA tournaments. In addition to NCAA-sanctioned sports, Long Beach State also has a number of professional sports teams, such as baseball, basketball, volleyball and football. The team's most famous graduate is Misty May, who won the Women's National Basketball Association's Most Valuable Player award in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Many more ex-dirt bags have played in prestigious MLB's and many other professional leagues.

Chris Rohrbach won the Woodley Award, the Heisman Rugby, college player of the year in 1995 and the Walter Payton Award for best player in college football in 1996. The school has also produced a number of high-profile professional players over the years, including former NFL players Kevin Garnett, Jason Pierre-Paul, Chris Paul and Mike Piazza.

The nickname Dirtbags refers to the gritty, team-style play - the first by Coach Snow and the coaches who followed. The 49ers have won 10 Big West Conference titles, made 10 NCAA appearances, 12 consecutive wins and never won fewer than 24 games in a season. They won the 2008, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Pac-12 Conference regular-season championship and the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Big East Conference titles. Moreover, the women's basketball team had its greatest success in the 1980s, when Joan Bonvicini was coach for 12 years.

In 2014, more events were held at the University of California, Santa Barbara and UC Davis. The event included the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament, the first ever NCAA men's basketball tournament in California.

Long Beach State has ranked in division The football team competes in the NCAA Division I - A, the highest level of college football in California. Long Beach City College's football program has produced a number of professional players, including Terrell Davis and Mike Horan.

Long Beach has a strong history in the NCAA Division I - A, with two national championships and four national championships as well as two national titles.

The 1998 women's team became the first team in the NCAA Division I to win the title. The team has been coached by LBSU alumnus Brian Gimmillaro since 1985, and during his tenure there have been four national championships, two national runner-up championships and three national championship titles. Long Beach State has competed in the NCAA tournament in each of the last four years and missed the tournament only during Giambattista Valli's tenure (1986-2012). The BSU baseball team is the only team to have gone 9-0 in its first year in the NCAA league.

On April 6, 2007, it was announced that former LBSU graduate and current head coach of the University of California, Berkeley baseball team, Mike Giambattista, will become the new head baseball coach at Long Beach State University, succeeding Larry Reynolds. Valli, a former assistant coach of BSU's basketball teams, has a track record as a coach in NCAA Division I.

LBPRM successfully sought $9.9 million and received a $1 million donation from Occidental Petroleum Corporation. To allow for a significant upgrade of the park, we have negotiated an agreement with the City of Long Beach to make the facility available to our community for the next century. The Chittick Field site will be updated with a new scoreboard, new toilets and new lighting and lighting systems.

If your child is unable to participate in the program as registered, no registration fees will apply for future Skyhawks Sports programs by calling 800 - 804 - 3509. The refund protection entitles you to a refund of your registration for up to 10 programs that are due at the time of registration. If one of the activities in the camp is not completed, you will receive $10 back for this program and $20 back for the other activities. You may terminate at any time for any reason, such as illness, injury or other reasons.

In Rainbow Harbor, visitors can board a 49-passenger boat that can travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, board a 79-passenger catamaran at speeds of 50 miles per hour or more per day, or rent one at Rainbow Marina. There are also rental services for onboard lessons, but you will need to bring your own equipment or you can rent or take lessons if you happen to find an open one.

The rental location is in Alamitos Bay Marina, and there is an annual aquarium of the Pacific Sign up for $5 per person or $10 per day. You can cycle around the island of Naples and have a picnic on the beach of Naples Beach Park, just south of Rainbow Harbor. The flat, scenic course leads from Rainbow Harbour to Queensway Bridge and back.

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