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The long-running battle to win union recognition for Westin Long Beach employees is over, the city council announced today. Second District Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce made the announcement today, the first time she has fought to have her staff recognized since her election last year.

Pearce, who has been at the forefront of efforts to raise hotel workers "wages, said she was there for the first time since Hyatt Regency and Hyatts on the Pike workers won a collective bargaining agreement to dramatically improve living conditions for their work. UNITE - HERE and hotel workers organized the demonstration after receiving complaints about degrading working conditions, poor pay, and lack of access to health care.

One of the workers present was Francisco Abdul-Estin, who has worked as a banquet attendant at the Westin for 28 years. Steve has extensive hospitality experience, including as chef at restaurants such as the Hyatt Regency and Hyatts on the Pike, and won Best Tasting Cocktail at the World Expo in Las Vegas and the New York International Food & Wine Festival in New Orleans. Steve has experienced hospitality in many ways, including managing a restaurant in a Los Angeles hotel, working at an international food & wine festival in San Francisco, and winning a Best Tastings Cocktail at least once at one of his favorite restaurants in the world.

Chef Chris Garasic joins Navy Proof after previously managing and advising Rock - N - Fish and a number of other renowned restaurants in the US and abroad. Chef Chris Gar as a member of the Navy Proofing at the Westin, as he previously led and advised Rock - n - Fish and as a chef at restaurants such as the Hyatt Regency, Hyatts on the Pike and the New York International Food & Wine Festival in New Orleans. Chairman and CEO of Long Beach California West in Los Angeles "We are excited to announce that Chief Executive ChrisGarasics is joining Naval Proof as his first full-time position, having previously managed and advised Rock'n'Fish.

The hotel will also introduce Navy Proof Food & Spirits, led by renowned Executive Chef Chris Garasic, which offers unique culinary experiences, with an emphasis on high quality, bartender-driven beverages. In addition, the Westin hotel is introducing the Navy Proofing method, with acclaimed Chief Executive ChrisGarasics and leading Navy Proofs of Food and Spirits, to provide a unique dining experience, highlighted by an emphasis on affordable, cocktail-friendly, bartender-friendly drinks. The hotel has also introduced Naval Proof Food & Spirits to the West, under the direction of Executive Chefs, Chris and Gar, as well as Naval Proof Food & Spirits.

The restaurant, created by Howe Brown Hospitality, will provide locals and travelers alike with a unique dining experience, with an emphasis on affordable, cocktail-friendly, bartender-friendly drinks, and will be offered to locals and travelers alike at Westin Long Beach, in a concept developed by Howell Brown Hotelity and Navy Proof Food & Spirits under the direction of Executive Chef Chris Garasic and Executive Chefs, Chris and Gar, as well as Naval Proof's Chief Executive ChrisGarasics and Naval Proof's Proofs Food & Spirits.

The restaurant will also offer robust happy hour and bottomless brunch, as well as a full service bar, with an emphasis on craft beer, wine and spirits. Next to the restaurant, there will be robust happy hour and a first-class brunch at Westin Long Beach. The restaurant offers robust happy hour, bottomless brunch and an extensive list of craft beers, wines, liqueurs and cocktails.

The Westin Long Beach offers breakfast service with a full-service breakfast bar and an extensive selection of craft beers, wines, liqueurs and cocktails. Breakfast is served in the hotel lobby, as well as in the restaurant and bar, as well as in the full service bar. Breakfast services have been offered for more than 20 years at other upscale hotels in Los Angeles County and California.

For more information about the Westin Long Beach, visit the hotel's website or Highgate Hotel, the only full-service hotel on the East Coast in Los Angeles County. Visit the website for more details about this high-end hotel and its amenities, as well as information about hotels in California and the United States. For more information about High Gateways, hotels, restaurants and other amenities at the largest hotel on the West Coast, visit highgatehotels.com, the official website of High Gateways International, Inc., the company responsible for operating the world-class hotels and resorts in the South Bay and the hotels in New York, New Jersey and California operated by Highgates Hotel Group, a division of the International Hotel and Lodging Association.

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