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Cal State Long Beach rejected a record 36,200 qualified applicants last year because the university didn't have enough space. The CSU leadership has offered a possible solution that should enable universities to accept more applicants in the long term without a large increase in state funding. A campus once praised for providing access to California's most eligible students has now rejected more than half of its applicants. Record numbers of qualified students are being turned away because government funding is not keeping pace with the growing number of students, while the number of students meeting the minimum admission requirements is rising.

Yet none of the proposals went far enough to take into account the 36,200 qualified applicants. Perhaps nowhere is the problem worse than in Long Beach, which has become more selective as applications have risen to a higher level than any other CSU campus. Conoley said at least half of all applicants for the university's undergraduate program this year were rejected by long-term students.

Cal State Long Beach also requires a minimum number of credits to register as a transfer student. Some are even more stringent in terms of authorisation requirements, so that even a GPA close to 4.0 must now be considered.

Students in the admissions area on campus need a SAT score of at least 4.0, and if you are a high school senior with a GPA of 4,000 or more, your SAT scores should be close to average. On the ACT, you should aim for an equivalent, but for those who are able to achieve the recommended ACT score (26), prepare for the individual best ACT scores and send them to Cal State Long Beach.

If you have any questions about the transfer, please visit the Cal State Long Beach website for more information. You can also use the calculator below to estimate what it's like to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, and we recommend you read to the end.

If you want to know how diverse California State University Long Beach is and how well it performs, this is your one resource. Get to know all the courses offered at Cal State College in San Diego and those with the highest average starting salaries. Last year, we had data showing that 88% of majors students graduated from California State University. This is more than the previous year, when there was a record number of students with a bachelor's degree in a subject of their choice, but still fewer than in previous years.

The university remains the most popular CSU campus and has historically attracted more students from the region. California State University Long Beach is a commuter school with a dry campus, meaning you have to get off campus to enjoy college nightlife, but you're not alone. The situation is different for transfer students enrolling at Cal State Long Beach, which is still one of the state's largest universities.

Long Beach is expected to receive more applications this fall than any other California public university, according to the California State University System (CSU) Board of Regents. For the autumn of 2015 - 16 academic years, of which 4,059 were part-time, 27,507 full-time and 4,059 part-time applications - 27,507 applications were received.

The admission rate in Dominguez Hills this year was 63 percent, in Los Angeles it was 70 percent, in Long Beach 33 percent, the CSU board said. Long Beach the Beach is the state's second largest beach with a 23.1 admission rate, higher than the national average of 15.1.

To create a superscore, Cal State Long Beach combines all test data with the highest total score achieved on a test day, which is on the SAT scale of 1145 to 1600. For even higher overall values, they take the higher section results from all previous tests. SAT scores must be above 1000, and even if the score is below 1000, it will be reassessed.

Just like the SAT, Cal State Long Beach probably doesn't have a tough ACT cutoff, but if you score too low, your application will be thrown in the trash. If you apply with 20 or less, you will have a very hard time getting into the application folder, as they will probably say that they have no minimum requirements for ACT unless you have something else very impressive about the application.

If you are considering a transfer to Cal State Long Beach, I strongly recommend you watch the school video on CampusReel. I have not found any information about the SAT test required by Cal State Long Beach, but they consider SAT essay and ACT writing most likely optional. If you don't know about it, you can see it on their website here, and if they don't report it to you, they probably won't.

Cal State Long Beach requires a minimum GPA of 2.0, but here is the minimum GPA a student with a GPA of 3.00 needs to meet their minimum entry requirements. The average GPA for a four-year college in the United States from 2015 to 2016 is 4.33 on the score scale.

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