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Stantec is a place where the best and brightest come to build on each other's talents, to do exciting work and to influence the world. Based on safety, quality and ethics, our experts lead their fields of expertise and guide our work through rigour, creative spirit, vision and growth.

Support customers with goods, answer their questions in a polite and knowledgeable manner, answer customer questions, assist customers with support, support and support when needed, and call Store Leadership members for help and recalls when needed. Professionally competent in all policies, procedures and HSSE, including customized training, apply them as appropriate to your work, set an example and be trained to register, train and train.

Provide highly-focused technical work and build on the company's reputation as one of the best companies in the industry in terms of customer service, customer service and customer experience.

We believe this is the place where you can channel your passion and work with top environmental talent in jobs that are critical to our customers and the communities that support them. We are committed to nurturing a strong, talented and diverse workforce with diverse skills and experience, attracting more than 20 technical specialties from around the world. The ability of the company to attract, hire and develop such a strong and talented, diverse workforce is a key element of our long-term success as a global company.

Stantec is a member of the Equal Opportunities in the Workplace Commission of the US Department of Labor and promotes equal opportunities in all areas of employment. There is no law requiring federal companies or subcontractors to provide equal employment opportunities to qualified people with disabilities, and discrimination is prohibited in decisions about employment of workers with disabilities, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other mental illnesses. Veteran status is protected by the Veterans Employment Rights Act of 1964 and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 1965. In addition, Stanton EC offers equal employment opportunities to all employees of its subsidiaries and subsidiaries under Title VII, the Civil Rights Act, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

To do this, we need to ask applicants and workers if they have ever had or had a disability and, if so, if they admit they have. We also need to measure whether we have at least 7% of our workforce who are disabled. The answers will be kept confidential and will not be seen by anyone else who has been selected to be involved in our recruitment decisions.

The "Application Procedure" section of the job advertisement contains instructions for faxing in documents, as this is the accepted method for submitting posts for job advertisements. The job advertisement requires a required form and we will look for documents that are required.

For more information, please contact us at the Long Beach, CA office at (888) 553-5555 or the Los Angeles County Human Resources Department. If you are unable to follow the instructions, need support or have any further questions, please contact our contact persons here.

The retail employee will perform a number of functions in the business area, depending on the needs of the company. The retail employee is involved in these tasks during the assigned working hours and is also required to perform additional tasks in certain situations when fulfilling these tasks helps us achieve customer service and operational goals. This description is not a complete list of all activities, duties and responsibilities that may be required of an employee, or any other duties or responsibilities or activities that may be transferred or changed at any time without notice.

If you believe you belong to one of the categories of protected veterans listed below, please indicate so that we can make an appropriate selection. People seeking employment at Course Hero are considered as candidates for employment on the labor market in Long Beach, California.

Prior to joining Stantec, this position requires at least 2 years of experience in the US military. Identifying as a person with a disability is voluntary and we hope that you will choose to do so. Filling out this form will not affect you at all, regardless of your previous, self-recognized disability status. Her experience relates to a certain type of disability, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We request this information to measure the effectiveness of public relations and positive recruitment efforts in accordance with VEVRAA. We provide the following information to help us meet the requirements of the Veterans' Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Administration (VVAA).

Prepare effective technical proposals, develop communication and technical information sharing skills, take an active leadership role with existing customers, and receive and pursue new business opportunities in environmental services. Cooperate with regulators to maintain compliance with both existing and emerging regulatory requirements for environmental services. Drawing up plans and plans, producing reports and implementing steps to close projects in the most cost-effective way.